The Hemingway Room is available for corporate and group functions. It will seat 35 comfortable. We have a 50" Pioneer Plasma TV with laptop hookups for Powerpoint or any computor displays. We also have wireless high-speed internet access throughout the club. We offer numerous custom menu's designed to meet whatever needs your group may have. Call 208-287-9200 and ask for Chad for reservations and questions.

We named the room after Hemingway as the spirit of Reef is a reflection of many of Hemingway's passions and Idaho roots. Idaho is also home to artist Tarmo Watia. A sample of his work is on display with the centerpiece being "Hemingway". A true tour de force in the areas of painting, drawing and printmaking, Watia's work exhibits a depth of humanity, which can only be found in the best works of Modernist tradition. An exceptionally prolific artist with over forty years of his life dedicated to the creation of art. Watia has developed a unique personal style, based on some of the best models Modernism has to offer. His hard work over the years has been rewarded with a mastery of line, color and composition. A distinctly European touch adds to his creation of art objects of exceptional quality. However, it should be stated that Watia has also developed a mastery of both the accident and the instinctual gesture in art, which gives his work a high level of maturity and a personal authenticity informed by American existentialism.

Over the years Watia has developed a highly personal set of imagery and symbolism, which adds to the depth of his oeuvre. His travels and observations of human nature and behavior have contributed to a rich use of symbolism and metophoric imagery, which provide fertile ground for the imagination and subsequent psychological interpretation. Additionally, his anthropomorphic use of animal imagery to express personality archetypes is fascinating. All six-bit critical art theory aside, Watia's work is well-executed fun and we are thrilled to display a few pieces in the Hemingway room at Reef. Thanks Tarmo!

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