The Reef...Exotic food and drink

Worshiping the Tiki pioneers
past and present...
Making the Tiki and Mai Tai Gods proud.

Tiki ImageRemnants of a peculiar culture that existed in the not so distant past can still be found today in most parts of our USA . You may see a mysterious carved god-like figure standing duty near a torn down nightspot.  We all know that strange cocktail glass that was in with our parent's garage sale stuff. What was this all about and where did it go?

The Kahiki, Don the Beachcombers, Zombie Village, Steve Crane's Kon Tikis, Mark Thomas's Outrigger,  Ren Clark's Polynesian Village and many Tiki legends have gone. Amazingly  Mai Kai, Bali Hai, The Tonga Room, a handful of original Trader Vic's (they are starting to open new places again) and the famed temple of Tiki-ti still stand.

Tiki has been discovered in Boise.  Humble in the shadow of giants, we are inspired and aspire to be grand.  Welcome to The Reef... an exotic place of forbidden drink, fine food, enchanted sounds and worship of Tiki and the Mai Tai Gods.  Long Live Tiki!

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